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IMDB Redesign
Concept Project

This is a UI study that aims to redesign IMDB website and it's mobile view to give it a freash new look, while maintianing it's iconic color scheme. Also at the same time try to improve the website's usability.

Illustrator / Photoshop
UI / UX designer

imdb web app pic imdb web app pic imdb web app pic


imdb redesign web app pic

IMDB is one of the biggest site for movie lovers to go to check millions of movie/TV show ratings and all the otherrelated info. The amount of information stored in this site is overwhelming. It’s almost the first place people go to when they want to check anything out any movie. However, with the current design of IMDB, it makes users heavily rely on the search bar as the index page is fully loaded with info in a very narrow view.

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While viewers have built the habit to browse movies and shows by thumbnails, which is influenced by large streaming services like netflix, apple tv and amazon prime. For this redesign project, I would love to to make IMDB more image oriented, with as few as text on the index page. By doing this, I want to align imdb’s index page layout with users’ browsing habit.

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Also, I made the website to take up the full size of the window so that there are more room to play around. Since the rating is a very important aspect of the movie, I made the rating numbers exceptionally large for users to capture.